Intel 660p gaming

intel 660p gaming

Verdict: The Intel SSD p offers high capacity, solid performance in real-world workloads, and impressive power efficiency at an incredibly-low price. Both utilize Samsung's proprietary SSD controllers. Instead, it hearkens back to the good old days of 15nm planar MLC.

PCMark 8 is a trace-based benchmark that uses Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, World of Warcraftand Battlefield 3 to measure the performance of storage devices in real-world scenarios. Surprisingly, it ties the WD Black with nearly identical scores and bandwidth. It beats both the p and the p, which is quite the feat considering the p is in a higher price tier.

The Final Fantasy XIV StormBlood benchmark is a free real-world game benchmark that easily and accurately compares game load times without the inaccuracy of using a stopwatch. The Intel p matches the WD Black with a total game scene load time of This time the p outperforms the p slightly. We use the DiskBench storage benchmarking tool to test file transfer performance with our own custom 50GB block of data.

Our data set includes 31, files of various types, like pictures, PDFs, and videos. We copy the files to a new folder and then follow up with a read test of a newly-written 6GB file. The p's copy performance is impressive, but the 1.

SYSmark takes things much further, however. It utilizes fourteen different applications to run real application workloads with real data sets to measure how overall system performance impacts the user experience.

intel 660p gaming

That also makes it a great test to measure the amount of time it takes to install widely-used programs after you install a fresh operating system. After installation, the p delivered a responsiveness score of ATTO is a simple and free application that SSD vendors commonly use to assign sequential performance specifications to their products. It also gives us insight into how the device handles different file sizes.

It also outperforms the p and even the high-performance p during write workloads. The p's overall score beats the MX and p. However, it trails behind the likes of Samsung, WD, and Toshiba due to its lower read and write performance. CrystalDiskMark is a simple and easy to use benchmarking tool.

It displays impressive random read performance and strong random write performance. It even outperforms the Samsung series during 4KB random read and write workloads at a queue depth of one. Idle power consumption is a very important aspect to consider, especially if you're looking for a new drive for your laptop. Some SSDs can consume watts of power at idle while better-suited ones sip just milliwatts. Average workload power consumption and max consumption are two other important aspects.

You might think that lower power consumption is better than high peak values, but performance-per-watt is more important. A drive might consume more power during any given workload, but accomplishing a task faster allows the drive to drop into an idle state faster, which ultimately saves power. The p consumed just 2. Intel also keeps maximum power in check: The drive peaked at just 4 watts during the test.

The more power-hungry drives consumed over 7 watts at peak utilization. A quick glance at our power measurements indicates that manufacturers are still working out the power optimization kinks with the PCIe interface.It's another historic day for consumer SSDs.

Will the technology provide enough write endurance, how long will data last on the memory, and the area that terrifies many the most, how much latency will the extra bit add? We can't answer some of those questions today, but so far the Intel p looks really good. It's not a complete game changer, but it's a helluva lot better than we expected. Intel paired the memory with a Silicon Motion, Inc.

The technology enables SSD manufacturers to meet aggressive price points. Let's look at the numbers first and then dive into how Intel got there with the hardware details and feature set for this series. The 1-Terabit die size is not effective for smaller sizes like GB and GB, a detail we'll look at later in this review. The p features symmetric for all three sizes. The random performance reaches as high asIOPS, also for both reads and writes.

The SLC cache expands and contracts, depending on the amount of data stored on the flash. Intel is the first company to disclose the size of the flash and the incremental shrink as users store more data. The capacity of your SSDs matters. The performance is right around what we measured with planar TLC technology using a GB drive that was popular in The SSD p is Intel's successor to the p. Most companies categorize these at "mainstream NVMe". The Intel p ships with features we rarely see on mainstream NVMe products.

The series supports user AES encryption with Pyrite 1. The series also comes with a 5-year warranty in a world where most mainstream SSDs only carry a 2- or 3-year warranty. Intel covers the series with a full 5-year warranty but this isn't the SSD you want to use to download Torrent files. Endurance is the weak spot right now. What makes Intel different from other manufacturers is how the products react to reaching the limits of guaranteed coverage.

The Intel consumer SSDs will move into a read only state making booting from the drives impossible.We are nearing the end of the era of the spinning platter — has seen SSD prices tumble and performance skyrocket. With current motherboard chipsets universally supporting at least one NVMe M. There really is an SSD for all cases and wallets so even a budget system need not suffer the slow boot and loading times of a traditional hard disk.

With an SSD taking care of Operating System and key games that wait time can be reduced to mere seconds, meaning more gaming time. With open world games getting ever bigger and more complex, game engines have to move assets and textures into RAM on the fly so the game can seamlessly render the world around you. If the demand for data outstrips the rate the source disc can supply, stutters, pop ups and ugly texture transitions can result. A fast source drive eliminates this problem and lets you get on with enjoying the game.

There are basically three drive types that you should consider buying right now: M. This NAND is significantly slower than traditional flash memory. It also has lower endurance — the number of times it can be overwritten before failing. These drives are well-engineered with clever controllers that mask their inherent weaknesses from the user and they are fine for general use and offer unprecedented value. The SX was first to market in mid and has since been superseded by the SX pro.

Only the most brutal data throughput applications warrant a more expensive drive than this, and gaming, video edit and general use workloads are a picnic. Significantly undercutting offerings from Samsung in price, but equalling them in performance and 5 year warranty, the smart money goes to the MX A 1Tb SSD as a budget option?


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Intel SSD 660p SSD Review - Consumer QLC Debut

Lithography Type. Use Conditions. Performance Sequential Read up to. Sequential Write up to. Random Read 8GB Span up to. Random Write 8GB Span up to. Power - Active. Power - Idle. Reliability Operating Temperature Maximum. Operating Temperature Minimum. Vibration - Operating. Vibration - Non-Operating. Shock Operating and Non-Operating. Operating Temperature Range. Endurance Rating Lifetime Writes. Warranty Period.

Package Specifications Weight. Form Factor. PCIe 3. Hardware Encryption. AES bit.

intel 660p gaming

Temperature Monitoring and Logging. End-to-End Data Protection. View All. Retailers Shop for Products.As a lot of our readers known, being a computer technician I up to do a lot of PC gaming because in terms of the quality its the superior system.

Now, some points for everyone looking to build their first system or upgrade their current system. Same with the motherboard, I ordered a new motherboard from China, the place where most of our equipment is manufactured. What does this mean as terms of improvement for my system?

Well, removing that limiting factor for game loading has been a vast improvement. Now I know this is a lot of information to take in, read speeds, write speeds, load times, accessing information it can all come across as a lot to take it considering you are here for just our game reviews so.

The Intel p drive where it does boast an amazing speed and size for the drive uses QLC NAND memory which comes at a downside the first is that it takes forever to cache when transferring large files over.

Since I was transferring over an entire steam folder of over gbs of data I hit that caching issue fairly quick and had to use the Intel SSD Toolbox to clear that cache, that read and write speed it boasts so heavily dropped jumping between a 90mb write to below what my HDD was producing sometimes even hitting at 1KB a second at some points.

Once the transfer was complete and the caching finished. The drive was able to bounce back to its normal operating speeds. But it sound be noted that this drive also requires you to keep some space so it can cache what you are transferring into it.

Now, as I said I studied this drive before I purchased it and thanks to Linus Tech for pointing out many these issues with the drive before I purchased it.

There are many other drives out in the market the Samsung Evo seriesand even better drives such as the Intel p line most of which break the bank for a poor gamer whose trying to get back into school and its for this reason I went for the Intel p. So doing it this way I got not only the 2TBs of storage I wanted for more gaming, but I also got speeds worthy of boasting about backed also by a warranty.

TLDR; Intel p is fast, can improve gaming, and is cheaper with an adapter compared to the alternatives. Designed using Magazine Hoot. Powered by WordPress. Intel P for gaming and not bank breaking. Like this: Like LoadingThe number of benchmark samples for this model as a percentage of all 32, SSDs tested. Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. UserBenchmark will test your PC and compare the results to other users with the same components.

You can quickly size up your PC, identify hardware problems and explore the best upgrades. Welcome to our 2. Our calculated values are checked against thousands of individual user ratings. The customizable table below combines these factors to bring you the definitive list of top SSDs. Great performance for the price point. Best for early-mid tier builds. Should not use for high end gaming.

Average warranty seen on most products of type. Good reliability and very nice speed. Average user will see significant improvement compared to most drives.

Again not for performance tuned systems as drive will be the slowdown point for these builds. An absolute monster for the price and performance considered! Hi, I have this type of memory on my Asus ROG and it s work very good in everythingI recomanded, he can update his firmware on intel's driver update app.

Intel SSD 660p 2TB Review: a QLC Bargain (Update)

This SSD alone is what made me want to ditch hard drives altogether. Running Windows on this SSD guarantees a boot time of 30 seconds or less from my experience.

Seriously, if you are using a HDD, switch to this right away. Blazing fast speed, great price for the capacity! This loads everything fast and is all you really need if you are a gamer. One con I have with this is that the TBW is However this does not affect me since I do not do heavy work or art.

Overall this is a great drive! See how consistently different SSDs perform with varying real world conditions. The charts also illustrate overall performance, popularity and rank. Save as guest. Based on 93, user benchmarks. Strengths Avg. Weaknesses Avg. Average Bench Based on 93, samples. CAN-User, 17 mins ago. USA-User, 45 mins ago. USA-User, 46 mins ago. USA-User, 48 mins ago. USA-User, 8 mins ago.The best NVMe SSD could make all the difference for the consoles, and will become an ever more vital weapon in your gaming arsenal if developers start delivering games that take full advantage of this speedy storage medium.

They're also a lot smaller than any other hard drive or SSD too, which all means that the best NVMe SSDs are perfect for either that small form factor build you always wanted, or a monstrous high-end gaming PC build. The M. Check out your motherboard's specs page online before pulling the trigger on an NVMe SSD purchase though just to be sure. If your board is a few years old, make sure it supports booting from an NVMe drive first Intel is set to have it's 1st PCIE 4. We've picked our favourites, and each will come in a variety of capacities too.

Though it's worth remembering that performance generally goes up with the larger drives as more of the controllers channels are used with high capacities. The latest Evo Plus ends up being one of the fastest M. Samsung's own Pro also comes out ahead at times, but frankly, it's not worth the 50 percent increase in price. Like the Pro, the new Evo Plus rates well for endurance, which bodes well for its longevity. You'd need to fill up and then wipe the drive every three days to manage that many writes, which isn't a consumer or even prosumer workload.

The GB and 2TB models are certainly worth a look, if you want a lower price or more capacity, respectively. But for most users, the 1TB drive strikes the sweet spot between performance, capacity, though Samsung's drive is still pretty price. There's even an 8TB option available for sale if you never want to think about storage ever again or at least for a couple of years.

The Rocket Q was no slouch when we ran our synthetic benchmarks. While the Samsung Evo Plus remains the king of the hill, the Rocket Q can hold its own pretty well. Read the full Sabrent Rocket Q review. Addlink has proved that by pairing the widely available Phison controller with Toshiba's 3D TLC memory and creating the impressive S70 drive.

It's also managing to sell this performant SSD for an impressively low price too. It may not be quite as quick as the Samsung EVO, but it's not far off, and a good bit cheaper too.

The 1TB drive is great value too, but if you're only after a relatively small GB SSD for a speedy boot drive, and as the home for your most oft-played games, the Addlink S70 is a great shout. Let's be honest, if you're looking for the best NVMe SSD you're looking for one because of the potential speed the interface can offer.

But right now compatible motherboards are expensive and limited to the AMD Ryzen family of processors.

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